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5 Fun Things to Do on the Beach in Carlsbad CA

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5 Fun Things to Do on the Beach in Carlsbad CA

When you plan a trip to Carlsbad, you probably want to spend some time on the beach! Since we are right on the water, you’ll have a short walk to the beach! There are so many fun things to do once you’re by the ocean, and we want to share some of them with you! Check out these 5 fun things to do on the beach in Carlsbad CA:

1. Relax by the Water

beach picnicThere’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach when you’re on vacation. You love listening to the waves crash onto the sand and looking out at the water. This time away from everyday life allows you to sit back and take it easy for a few days. Many people want nothing more than to be able to sit or lay by the ocean and relax on their trip!

2. Play Games

Another fun thing to do on the beach in Carlsbad CA is play games! If you plan on spending all day on the beach, you’ll want to bring something to do, especially with young kids! You could get a frisbee and toss it around. Grab a volleyball and play a game or two, or bring a couple of cornhole boards and bean bags to play together. If you don’t want to play games, you can always bring some toys, such as a bucket and shovel or a boogie board, with you! Your family will have a blast playing on the beach together!

3. Take a Walk

couple walking on the beachIf you’ve planned a romantic beach vacation with your significant other, then you should definitely take a walk together on the beach! Sunset is the perfect time to walk together on the sand since it’s romantic and much cooler in the evenings. Make memories as you walk and talk about your vacation, life, and more. You’ll love spending this time together as a couple!

4. Swim in the Ocean

One thing you won’t want to miss out on when you spend time on the beach in Carlsbad CA is swimming! There’s nothing better than cooling off in the cool water after spending some time on the warm sand! Your kids will love splashing around in the waves, and you’ll have fun joining in! Even the people who don’t want to go out too far into the ocean will have fun dipping their toes in the water!

5. Go Fishing

man fishing on carlsbad beach

If you enjoy fishing in your down time, then you should know you can go fishing while you’re on the beach! You’ll enjoy standing on the edge of the water, waiting for fish to bite. People of all ages can enjoy fishing on the beach, but if you are 16 years old and older, you will need a California fishing license!

These are just some of the fun things you can do when you’re out on the beach in Carlsbad CA. You may have other activities you want to try, and we know you’ll have a great time! Are you ready to start planning your next trip so you can enjoy being on the beach? Look through our Carlsbad hotel rooms and book one for your vacation!


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