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4 Reasons to Visit Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad

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4 Reasons to Visit Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad

I opened Village Rock Shop in 2018 in Carlsbad, California, so that we could share our passion for the wonderful world of crystals.

Village Rock Shop is a gift shop with a lovely collection of natural crystals and fossils sourced mainly from small mines. We also sell locally sourced handmade products, including dreamcatchers adorned with gemstones, natural candles, aromatherapy sets, self-care kits, gemstone jewelry, and more!

Ethically sourced crystals and handmade products

We love to collaborate with local artists and artisans, giving them the possibility to share their work with the community; we also collaborate with local small businesses to support each other while keeping the local culture alive.

Our customers will find products made only from natural, organic ingredients in our shop. The crystals we sell are ethically sourced, mainly from small family-owned mines.

Having so many crystals and gemstones in our shop allows us to learn about their geological and energetic properties. We believe all crystals carry purifying and balancing properties, so when you visit the shop, feel free to ask questions about the benefits of these colorful stones.

Crystals and butterflies

While browsing through the shop, admiring the crystal geodes, towers, spheres, and other beautiful products displayed on the shelves, the store’s inhabitants, the Monarch butterflies will accompany you.

People love to come by just to admire Monarch butterflies that grow in our store. Our adventure with these beautiful creatures started when we asked Chris Bany, a local landscape designer, and gardener, to help us improve the shop’s outdoor space.

Among other plants, Chris brought milkweed, the only host plant for Monarch butterflies. We placed them in the garden, taking a few jars and branches into the store. The larvae ate the plant’s leaves, found a safe place in the gift shop, transformed it into a haven where they could create their chrysalis, and began their metamorphosis.

People, locals and tourists alike, love to visit our shop to see the Monarchs going through all the phases of their transformation from larvae into gorgeous creatures.

Californian fossils

Customers will find a large variety of fossils displayed in our shop, sourced directly from our Californian providers. Nowadays, fossils have increasing popularity for home decor and we believe this tendency will grow over the next few years.

Fossils are genuine 3D lessons of prehistoric times and can help us connect closely with California’s Mosasaurs, Hadrosaurs, and Nodosaurs through their fossilized teeth and vertebrae. Besides their geological and historical value, fossils have other subtle values as they carry ancient earthly vibrations beneficial to our energy fields. Fossils are excellent gifts for everyone fascinated with these pieces of ancient times.

Art and cultural events

During this last period, we’ve been working to create a welcoming patio and a garden for outdoor events – art shows, workshops, and other cultural events.

We hold fine art shows at Village Rock Shop 3-4 times a year, to celebrate local artists and support their work. Occasionally we organize small gatherings, workshops, and fundraiser events to create a space where members of our community can meet and spend quality time together.

About the author

Xenia Mateiu is the co-founder/owner of the Carlsbad-based Village Rock Shop, where customers can find ethically sourced crystals and handmade natural products.


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