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Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love the Balconies at Our Carlsbad Beach Hotel

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love the Balconies at Our Carlsbad Beach Hotel

Our fully furnished condos feature a variety of exciting amenities for your vacation, including private glass balconies with ocean views! These incredible balconies are available on our upstairs condo units and are the perfect place to relax with your family and friends! Here are the top 5 reasons why you will love the balconies at our Carlsbad beach hotel:

1. Ideal Spot for Morning Coffee

private balcony in beachfront condoThe balconies at our Carlsbad beach hotel are the ideal spot to start your morning, so grab a cup of coffee and kick back in one of the comfortable lounge chairs! However, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting out on the balcony for hours as you relax and listen to the waves gently crashing into the shore! This is a great time to discuss your plans for the day, whether it includes a shopping trip to Carlsbad Village, a day at Legoland theme park, or an afternoon of lounging on the beach!

2. Unobstructed Ocean Views

The unique thing about the balconies is that they are designed with borderless glass panels to maximize the amazing views of the ocean! This means you can look directly out onto the beach and ocean while sitting down without having to look through beams or other obstructions! In fact, you can even look directly at the ocean from inside of the condo while you are having dinner or watching television!

3. Fresh Ocean Breeze

chair on private balcony with ocean viewAnother reason why you will love the balconies at our Carlsbad beach hotel is because of the fresh ocean breeze! While our condo units are all temperature controlled, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to step outside and feel a warm breeze sweeping across the ocean. If you are heading down to the beach, this is also a great time to gauge the weather conditions so you know whether to bring a sweatshirt or just your bathing suit!

4. Fabulous Sunset Location

There is nothing like the sight of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, and you have a front row seat to this nightly sensation on your private balcony! Gather on the balcony each night of your stay to watch the sun slowly drop over the horizon as the last rays of daylight create a colorful display in the sky! Once you have experienced one of these magnificent sunsets, you will want to get back out on your balcony each evening to watch it again!

5. Fun Selfie Spot

chair on private balconyThere is nothing wrong with bragging a bit about your vacation at our Carlsbad beach hotel! Therefore, head outside to the balcony to take the perfect selfie among the stunning background! You will find free wireless internet access throughout the hotel, allowing you to send your photos to your family and friends back home!

Check out all of the rooms at our Carlsbad beach hotel today to plan the perfect vacation to this gorgeous area of southern California! We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel!


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